Catalogue System

00.00 General works on religion
00.10Philosophy of religion
00.20On religious faith, general
00.21On the Christian faith, general
00.30On rationalism, atheism, agnosticism
00.40Paganism (includes pantheism including Greco-Roman), Oriental, animism and quasi-religious belief systems (including Nordic, Celtic, etc.)
00.50Mythology (various)
01.00By/On GOD. Basic texts
01.12New Testaments only
01.40+Other basic texts (Buddhist, Hindu, Confucian, etc.)
01.11+1st order supplemental and liturgical texts (standard original commentaries, prayer books AND works about them): Christian Prayer Books, concordances, etc
01.21+ Judaic
01.41+Other religions' supplemental texts.
02.00History of Christianity, general
02.10Early history
02.11Christianity and paganism
02.12Early conflicts and heresies to the Great Schism
02.30Medieval including:
02.31Medieval Christianity and the Jews
02.32Medieval Christianity and Islam
02.40+Medieval heresies (Cathars, Lollards, etc.)
02.51Reformation to the present (Protestant churches)
02.61aFrom Counter-Reformation to present; all Xtian churches, including:
02.65Relations with non-Christian faiths
03.00General Works on the Bible
03.10+Works on specific themes in the Bible
04.00General Works on the Old Testament and O.T. themes
04.04the Temple and the Jews
04.10On specific Books of the Old Testament (named in short form) Genesis
04.12Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
04.16Samuel 1 and 2
04.17Kings 1 and 2
04.18Chronicles 1 and 2
04.19Ezra and Nehemiah
04.24Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon
04.26Jeremiah and Lamentations
04.30Joel, Amos, Obadiah,
04.31Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk
04.32Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi
05.00Works on the New Testament and N.T. themes
05.1+On specific books of the New Testament:
05.20Letters of Paul (general/collections)

Library Contents

00.10Tillich, Paul: The Courage to Be. New Haven, CT 1952.
00.20Brownson, Orestes A: Selected Writings. ed. Patrick W. Carey. Mahwah, NY 1991
00.21Aquinas, Thomas: On the Truth of the Catholic Faith (Summa Contra Gentiles.) ed. Anton C. Pepis NY 1953
00.21Herberg, Will, ed.: Four Existentialist Theologians (Maritain, Berdaev, Buber, Tillich) NY 1958
00.21Jebb, John: Piety Without Asceticism, or The Protestant Kempis. ("Jebb's Kempis"; selections from the Writings of Scougal, Charles How and Cudworth) NY 1846
00.21Küng, Hans: On Being a Christian tr. Edward Quinn. NY 1976
00.21Radner, Ephraim and George Sumner: The Rule of Faith. Scripture Canon and Creed in a Critical Age. Harrisburg PA 1998
00.21Royce, Josiah: Selected Writings. ed. John E. Smith and William Kluback. NY 1988
00.21Thornton, Martin: Christian Proficiency. NY 1959
00.21Wilson, Frank E: Faith and Practice. NY 1939
00.21 Wright, N.T.: Simply Christian. Why Christianity Makes Sense. NY 2006
01.11 Bettenson, Henry, ed.: Documents of the Christian Church. NY 1947
01.11 Heffling, Charles and Cynthia Shattuck, eds.: The Book of Common Prayer. The Oxford Guide to a Worldwide Survey. Oxford U.P. 2006
01.11 Underhill, Evelyn: Worship. NY 1937
01.11 Walsh, Chad: The Apostles’ Creed. An Introduction . Cincinnati 1966.
01.12 ______ Injil. [New Testament in Turkish]. Istanbul 1988.
01.12 Sayers, Dorothy: The Mind of the Maker. NY 1941, 1979
01.20 Plaut, Gunter, ed.: The Torah. A Modern Commentary. NY 1981
01.21 Gaster, Theodore: Festivals of the Jewish Year. NY 1953
01.21 Hammer, Reuven (trans. and comment.): The Classic Midrash. Tanaitic commentaries on the Bible. NY 1995
01.22 Bronstein, Herbert (ed.) and Baskin, Leonard (Illustr.): A Passover Haggadah. NY 1975
01.30 Pickthall, Muhammed Marmaduke (trans.) The Glorious Qur’an. Mecca Al-Mukarramah 1977
01.30 Fitch, Florence Mary: Allah, the God of Islam. Moslem Life and Worship. NY 1950
01.41 Conze, Edward: Buddhism. Its Essence and Development. NY 1959
02.00 Bainton, Roland H.: The Church of our Fathers. NY 1941
02.00 Bevan, Wilson Lloyd: Church History. Medieval and Modern. Sewanee, TN 1914
02.00 Gifford, William Alva: The Story of the Faith. A Survey of Christian History for the Undogmatic. NY 1946
02.00 Kinsman, Frederick Joseph: Outlines of the History of the Church. Part 1 of 2: The present day back to the Great Schism. Milwaukee 1916.
02.00 Pritchard, Robert: The Bat and the Bishop. Illust. Kate Parent. Harrisburg, PA 1989
02.00 Wilson, Frank E: The Divine Commission. A Sketch of Church History. NY 1935
02.00 Witsell, William Postell: Our One Church Through the Ages. NY 1943
02.01 Bacon, Leonard Woolsey: A History of American Christianity. NY 1897
02.02 Tillich, Paul: A History of Christian Thought. From its Judaic and Hellenic origins to Existentialism. Ed. Carl E. Braaten. NY 1967.
02.10 Bate, H.N: History of the Church to 325. NY n.d.
02.10 Bihlmeyer, Karl: Church History. vol. 1. Church Antiquity. Revised by Hermann Tuechle. Trans. from German by Victor E. Mills. Westminster, MD 1958.
02.10 Cahill, Thomas: Desire of the Everlasting Hills. The world before and after Jesus. NY 1999
02.10 Crossan, John Dominic: The Birth of Christianity. Discovering what happened in the years immediately following the execution of Jesus. San Francisco 1998
02.10 Kurtz, [n.f.n.] Prof: Church History, vol 1 of 3. Trans. John MacPherson. NY 1888
02.10 Kurtz, [n.f.n.], Prof: Church History, vol. 2 of 3. Trans. John MacPherson. NY 1888
02.10 Kurtz, [n.f.n.], Prof: Church History, vol. 3 of 3. Trans. John MacPherson. NY 1888
02.10 McBirnie, William Stewart: The Search for the Twelve Apostles. Wheaton, IL 1978
02.10 O’Grady, Desmond: Beyond the Empire. Rome and Church from Constantine to Charlemagne.
NY 2001. 02,10 Patterson, Lloyd G: God and History in Early Christian Thought. NY 1967
02.10 Scherman, Katharine: The Flowering of Ireland. Saints, Scholars and Kings. Boston 1981
02,10 Swan, Laura: The Forgotten Desert Mothers. Mahwa, NJ 2001
02.10 Walsh, John Evangelist: The Bones of St. Peter. The first full account of the search for the apostle’s body. NY 1982
02.10 Wand, J.W.C: The Latin Doctors. London 1948
02.10 Williams, Charles: The Descent of the Dove. The History of the Holy Spirit in the Church. Intro. by W.H. Auden. NY 1939
02.10 Wright, N.T: The Resurrection of the Son of God. Minneapolis 2003
02.10 Young, Francis: The Making of the Creeds. Philadelphia 1991
02.11 Origen: An Exhortation to Martyrdom. On Prayer; On First Principles; Book IV; Prologue to the commentary on the Song of Songs; Homily XXVII on Numbers. Trans. and Intro. by Rowan A. Greer. Preface by Hans Urs Van Balthasar. NY 1979
02.11Stark, Rodney: Cities of God. The real story of how Christianity became an urban movement and conquered Rome. San Francisco 2006
02.12Athanasius: On the Incarnation of the Word of God (De Incarnatione Verbi Dei). trans. ed. by “A religious of CSMV”
02.12 Augustine [of Hippo]: The City of God (De Civitate Dei) vol. I, trans. John Healey. Edinburgh 1909
02.20 Bowie, Walter Russell: The Story of the Church. Illust. Clifford Johnston. NY 1995
02.20 Clarke, C.P.S: Short History of the Christian Church. From the earliest times to the present day. NY 1929
02.20 Richardson, Cyril Charles: The Church Through the Centuries. NY 1938.
02.20 Walker, Williston: A History of the Christian Church. NY 1949
02.30 Lehane, Brendan: The Quest of the Three Abbots. Pioneers of Ireland’s Golden Age. NY 1968
02.30 Lewis, C.S. The Discarded Image. An introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature. Cambridge 1964
02.30 Taylor, Henry Osborne: The Medieval Mind. A history of the development of thought and emotion in the middle ages. Vol 1 (of 3) NY 1919
02.30 Knowles, David: Saints and Scholars. Twenty-five medieval portraits. Cambridge 1962
02.30 Vauchez, Andre: The Laity in the Middle Ages. Religious beliefs and devotional practices. ed. and intro. by Daniel E. Boorstin. Notre Dame, IN 1993
02.33 Oldenbourg, Zoe: The Crusades. trans. Anne Carter. NY 1966
02.50 Barstow, Anne Llewellyn: Witchcraft: A New History of European Witch hunts. Our legacy of violence against women. NY 1971
02.50 Chadwick, Owen: The Reformation. Harmondsworth 1974
02.50McGrath, Alister: In the Beginning. The story of the King James Bible and how it changed a nation, a language and a culture. NY 2001
02.50 Nicolson, Nigel: God's Secretaries. The Making of the King James Bible. NY 2003
02.50Taylor, Henry Osborne: Thought and Expression in the Sixteenth Century, vol. II. NY 1920
02.60 Fraser, Antonia: Faith and Treason. The story of the Gunpowder Plot. NY 1996
02.60 Paul, Vincent de and Louise de Marillac: Rules, Conferences and Writings. Mahwa, NJ 1995
02.61 Carroll, H.K: The Religious Forces of the United States. NY 1893
02.62 Küng, Hans: Theology for the Third Millennium [Theologie im Aufbruch]. An ecumenical view. Trans. Peter Heinegg. NY 1988
02.62 Radner, Ephraim: The End of the Church. A pneumatology of christian division in the West. Grand Rapids 1998
02.65 Fredericks, James L: Faith among Faiths. Christian theology and non- Christian religions. Mahwa, NJ 1999
02.65 Küng, Hans: Christianity and the World Religions [Christentum und Weltreligionen]. Paths to dialogue with Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. Garden City, NJ 1986. 2 copies.
02.65 Tobin, Maurine and Robert, eds: How Long O Lord. Christian, Jewish and Muslim voices from the ground and visions for the future in Israel/Palestine. Cambridge MA, 2002
02.70 Temple, William: The Church Looks Forward. NY 1944
03.00 Denton, Robert C: The Holy Scriptures. The Church's teaching. NY 1951 2 copies.
03.00 Wright, G. Ernest and Reginald H. Fuller: The Book of the Acts of God. Christian scholarship interprets the Bible. Garden City, NJ 1957
03.12 Fiorenza, Elisabeth Schüssler: Searching the Scriptures. Vol. 1: A Feminist Introduction. NY 1993
03.12 Fiorenza, Elisabeth Schüssler: Searching the Scriptures. Vol 2: A Feminist Commentary. NY 1994
03.12 Stanton, Elizabeth Cady and the Revising Committee: The Woman's Bible. Part I: The Pentateuch. Part II: Judges, Kings, Prophets, Apostles. Seattle, 1974
04.00 Kittel, Rudolf: Great Men and Movements in Israel. Trans. Charlotte A Knoch and C.D. Wright. NY 1929
04.01 Goldberg, David: Meet the Prophets. NY 1956
04.11 Maher, Michael: Genesis. Wilmington, DE 1982
04.12 Burns, Rita J: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers. Wilmington, DE 1982
04.13 Clifford, Richard: Deutermonomy. Wilmington, DE 1982
04.14 Hoppe, Leslie: Joshua, Judges. Wilmington DE 1882
04.17 Conroy, Charles: 1-2 Samuel, 1-2 Kings. Wilmington DE 1983
04.19 Mangan, Celine: 1-2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah. Wilmington, DE 1982
04.21 Craghan, John: Esther, Judith, Tobit, Jonah, Ruth. Wilmington, DE 1982
04.22 Bergant, Dianne: Job, Ecclesiastes. Wilmington DE 1982
04.22 Gregory [the Great, Pope]: Morals on the Book of Job. Vol. III, Part V, etc. London 1847 [MDCCCXLVII]
04.22 Hester, David C: Job. Louisville, KY 2005
04.23 Guérin, Jules: The Syrian Shepherd's Psalm. Illustr. NY 1991
04.23 Lewis, C.S: Reflections on the Psalms. NY 1958
04.23 Stuhlmueller, Carroll: Psalms 1. Wilmington, DE 1983
04.23 Stuhlmueller, Carroll: Psalms 2. Wilmington DE 1983
04.25 Reese, Joseph: The Book of Wisdom, Song of Songs. Wilmington 1983
04.26 Jensen, Joseph: Isaiah 1-39. Wilmington DE 1984
04.26 Scullion, John: Isaiah 40-66 (vol.2) Wilmington, DE 1982
04.27 Boadt, Lawrence: Jeremiah 1-25. Wilmington DE 1982
04.27 Boadt, Lawrence: Jermiah 26-52, Habbakkuk, Zephaniah, Nahum. Wilmington, DE 1982
04.27 Kodell, Jerome: Lamentations, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Obadiah, Joel, Second Zechariah, Baruch. Wilmington, DE 1982
04.28 Collins, John: Daniel, 1-2 Maccabees. Wilmington, DE 1981
04.30 Pusey, E.B: The Minor Prophets. vol. I: Hosea, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah. Wilmington DE 1981
04.31 Vawter, Bruce: Amos, Hosea, Micah. Wilmington, DE 1981
04.32 Achtemeier, Elizabeth: Nahum—Malachi. Atlanta 1986
04.33 Pusey, E.B: The Minor Prophets. vol. II: Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Malachi. NY 1892
05.00 Bornkamm, Günther: Early Christian Experience. trans. Paul M. Hammer NY 1917
05.00 Phillips, J.B: Ring of Truth. NY 1967
05.14 Barclay, William: The Gospel of John. Philadelphia 1975
05.14 Dodd, C.H: The Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel. Cambridge 1953
05.15 Barclay, William: The Acts of the Apostles. Philadelphia 1976. 2 copies.
05.20 Jamison, Leland: Light for the Gentiles. Paul and the growing church. Philadelphia 1961
05.20 Moffat, James: Paul and Paulism. Boston 1910
05.21 Bornkamm, Günther: Early Christian Experience [based upon letters of Paul] Trans. Paul L. Hammer. NY 1967
05.21 Barclay, William: The Letter to the Romans. Philadelphia 1975
05.24 Barclay, William: The Letters to the Philippians, Colossians and Thessalonians. Philadelphia 1974
05.25 McGee, J. Vernon: I and II Thessalonians. Pasadena CA 1983
05.34 Barclay, William: The Letters of John and Jude. Philadelphia 1976
05.26 Barclay, William: The Revelation of John. vol. 1. Philadelphia 1976
05.26 Barclay, William: The Revelation of John. vol. 2. Philadelphia 1976
05.26 Minear, Paul S. I Saw a New Earth. An introduction to the visions of the apocalypse. Washington, DC 1968
06.10 MacKenzie, R.A.F: Sirach. Wilmington DE 1983
07.00 Bornkamm, Günter: Jesus of Nazareth. Trans. Irene and Fraser McLuskey with James M. Robinson. NY 1956
07.00 Bultmann, Rudolf: Jesus and the Word. NY 1958
07.00 Dibelius, Martin: The Message of Jesus Christ. Trans. Frederick C. Grant. NY 1939
07.10 Fiske, Charles: The Christ We Know. NY 1927 (4 copies)
07.10 Fiske, Charles and Burton Easton: The Real Jesus. What he taught, what he did, who he was. NY 1929
07.10 Goodspeed, Edgar J. A Life of Jesus. NY 1950
07.12 Cornwell, Malcolm: Praying the Passion, Living the Gospel. Spiritual reflections for adult believers. Collegeville, MD 1993
07.12 MacKenzie, R. Sheldon: The Isolated Jesus. Seven messages for Good Friday or Lent based upon Mark's Passion narrative. Lima, OH 1994
07.13 Fiske, Charles: Calvary Today. The words from the cross to modern men and women. Milwaukee 1929 (2 copies)
07.20 Bayne, Stephen F: In the Sight of the Lord. Our world seen through the eyes of Christ. NY 1958
07.20 Price, Reynolds: A Serious Way of Wondering: The ethics of Jesus imagined. NY 2003
07.30 Aquinas, Thomas: The Summa Theologica. Part III. trans. "Fathers of the English Dominican Province." London 1926
07.30 Athanasius: The Incarnation of the Word of God [De Incarnatione Verbi Dei]. Trans. by "A Religious of C.S.M.V. S. Th." Intro. C.S. Lewis. NY 1946
07.30 Dodd, C.H. The Coming of Christ. Cambridge 1951
07.30 Hooker, Morna D: The Signs of the Prophet. The prophetic actions of Jesus. Harrisburg, PA 1997
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07.30 Phillips, J.B: Your God is too Small. NY 1957
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07.31 Crosby, Michael H: The Seven Last Words. Maryknoll, NY 1994
08.00 Farrer, Austin: God is not Dead. NY 1966
08.00 Green, Michael: I Believe in the Holy Spirit. Grand Rapids 1989
08.00 Griebner, David M: The Carpenter and the Unbuilder. Stories for the spiritual quest. Nashville 1996
08.00 Lewis, C.S: Miracles. A preliminary study. NY 1947
08.00 Lewis, C.S: The Problem of Pain. Nashville 1996
08.00 Packer, J.I: Rediscovering Holiness. Ann Arbor 1992
08.00 Pourrat, P: Christian Spirituality. vol. I From the time of our Lord to the dawn of the Middle Ages. trans. W.H. Mitchell & S.P. Jacques. London 1922
08.00 Pourrat, P: Christian Spirituality. vol. II Later developments. Part1: From the Renaissance to Jansenism. trans. W.H. Mitchell & S.P. Jacques. London 1927
08.00 Pourrat, Pierre: Christian Spirituality. vol I. From the time of our Lord till the dawn of the Middle Ages. trans. W.H. Mitchell & S.P. Jacques. Westminster, MD 1953
08.00 Pourrat, Pierre: Christian Spirituality. vol. II. In the Middle Ages. vol. 1 trans. S.P. Jacques. Westminster, MD 1953
08.00 Pourrat, Pierre: Christian Spirituality. v. III From the Renaissance to Jansenism. Westminster, MD 1953
08.00 Pourrat, Pierre: Christian Spirituality. vol IV From Jansenism to modern times. trans. Donald Attwater. Westminster, MD 1955
08.00 Swedenborg, Emanuel: The Universal Human & Soul-Body Interraction. Ed. & trans. George F. Dole. Mahwa 1984
08.00 Underhill, Evelyn: Mysticism. Foreword by Ira Progoff. NY 1990
08.10 Albanese, Catherine L. (ed. & intro.): The Spirituality of the American Transcendentalists. Emerson, Alcott, Parker, Thoseau. Macon GA 1988
08.10 Alcott, Edward: A Great Treasury of Christian Spirituality. St. Paul MN 1978
08.10 Boenig, Robert (trans.& intro): Anglo-Saxon Spirituality. Selected writings. Mahwa NJ 2000
08.10 Chase, Steven (trans. & intro): Angelic Spirituality. Medieval perspectives on the ways of angels. Incl. Sec. I: Augustine of Hippo, Gregory the Great, Bernard of Clairvaux, Hugh of St. Victor/Anonymous, Umilità of Faenza. Sec. II: John Scotus Erugina, Hugh of St. Victor, Alan of Lille, Thomas Gallus. Mahwa 2002.
08.10 Cihlar, Many: Mystics at Prayer. Intro. H. Spencer Lewis. San Jose CA n.d.
08.10 Davies, Oliver (trans. & intro.): Celtic Spirituality. Mahwa 1999
08.10 Diechty, Daniel (trans., ed. & intro.): Early Anabaptist Spirituality. Selected writings. Mahwa 1994
08.10 Miller, Gordon L. (ed): The Way of the English Mystics. An anthology and guide for pilgrims. Includes works by Richard Rolle, Walter Hilton, author of "Cloud," Julian of Norwich, Margery Kempe, George Herbert, William Law. Concludes with notes on contemporary English mystics. Harrisburg, PA 1996
08.10 Savage, Anne & Nicholas Watson (trans. & eds.): Anchorite Spirituality. Ancrene Wisse and associated works. Mahwa 1991
08.11 Albert [the Great] & Thomas [Aquinas]: Selected Writings. trans.& ed. Simon Tugwell. Mahwa NJ 1988
08.11 Angela of Foligno: Complete Works. Trans. Paul La Chance. Pref. Romano Guarnieri. Mahwa, NJ 1993
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08.11 Anon: The Cloud of Unknowing and The Book of Privy Counseling. ed. & intro. William Johnston. NY 1973
08.11 Anon: The Cloud of Unknowing. Abridged. NY 1948
08.11 Anon: The Pursuit of Wisdom and other works by the author of The Cloud of Unknowing. trans. & ed. James A.Walsh.. Mahwa NY 1988
08.11 Aquinas, Thomas: An Introduction to the Metaphysics of T.A. Select. & trans. James F. Anderson. Chicago 1953
08.11 Bernard of Clairvaux: On Loving God. Selections from sermons. ed. Hugh Martin. London 1959
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08.11 Bérule & the French School. Selected writings. Ed. William M. Thompson. Mahwa, NJ 1989
08.11 Birgitta of Sweden: Life and Selected Revelations. ed. Marguerite Tjader Harris. trans. Albert Ryle Kezel. Intro. Tore Nyborg. Mahwa, NJ 1990
08.11 Boom, Corrie ten: Amazing Love. London 1953
08.11 Brame, Grace Adolphsen: Faith, the Yes of the Heart. Minneapolis 1999
08.11 Calvin, John: Writings on Pastoral Piety. Ed. & trans. Elsie Anne McKie. Mahwa NJ 2001
08.11 Comenius, John: The Labyrinth of the World & The Paradise of the Heart. trans. & intro. Howard Louthan & Andrea Sterk. Mahwa 1998
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