About the Episcopal Church of Saints Peter and John

Also often called Saints Peter and John

The congregation here at Saints Peter & John’s is small, but steadfast. They have weathered some storms and enjoyed some wonderful times of peace. We have been in a time of transition since for the last couple of years and are regrouping under their new priest-in-charge, the Rev. Kathlyn Schofield. Now that things have settled down, we have begun a time of rebuilding, celebrating the gifts of our generous God, and turning to the future with excitement and hope. We have a strong central core of faithful members and a strong and dedicated leadership team. We are carrying on many traditions and learning some new ways. Most feel this is an exciting time to be here, some are worried by changes. We are all trying to communicate well and to ground all we do in prayer.

This parish has existed in Auburn since 1805. The Church (our third) dates to 1870 and is a classic grand19th century neo-Gothic church which stands in the heart of Auburn, NY. In the 1980s, St. John’s and St. Peter’s churches merged into one, housed here in the St. Peter’s building. In addition to the main sanctuary, this building houses a small chapel.

The Parish House, built in 1928, stands next door. This building houses our Parish offices, the Soup Kitchen each Saturday, the Creative Minds Montessori School, and Clothing Closet. Two small congregations use this space to worship. Eternal Life Baptist Church and the Church of the New Jerusalem. Our local library holds their larger gatherings here. Habitat for Humanity has a small office, and we love that other community organizations use our space as well.


A living community is always in transition of some sort.

The Episcopal Church of Saints Peter & John has undergone a significant transition between clergy. We now have a regular priest in residence and have begun the good part of transition. As part of that process we have participated in a Congregational Assessment - often called a Parish Survey. We had marvelous participation of 113% of our average Sunday attendance.

Our goal was to identify and name the priorities of this congregation, better understand our challenges and barriers, and begin a conversation about a future here at SS Peter & John.

The congregation has grown smaller over the most recent years, so we are working to re-vision what and who we will be in the future. We will be working on sharing our history in order to see how our present reality has been formed. This is the beginning of a long and exciting conversation here.

Our highest priorities at this time center around growth and mission. This will involve discernment of gifts, hospitality, education, spiritual formation, and vibrant worship services.

Our strongest goals include:

  • a) Strengthen the management and support of persons in various ministries so that they are able to do what they do best in work that is meaningful and celebrated.
  • b) Make necessary changes to attract families with children and youth to our church.
  • c) Improve the physical facilities of the church to expand or enhance our ministries.

Click here to see the executive summary for more detail

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