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What to expect if you come to worship here for the first time

Sunday Morning Worship

On Sunday morning, parking is on the street or in the lot across from the Parish House, or next door to the Church behind Center for the Arts.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our volunteer members and given a bulletin or service leaflet which contains the order of worship as well as the scripture readings for the day. Please plan to sign in our register and let us know if you would like to get a follow up call.

This is an Episcopal Church. Our worship and prayers are usually found in the Book of Common Prayer. Our Sunday morning main services are called Eucharist. We usually use Rite II (contemporary language), although in some seasons we use Rite 1 (traditional language). At 8:00 our worship is without music. At 10:00 we have music - organ and piano, a choir anthem, and congregational hymns.

Our style of worship consists of a prayer book liturgy: opening prayers, readings from holy scripture, homily, prayers, and then Holy Communion. In this church, all baptized Christians and all who seek a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ are invited to participate fully in our worship and sacrament.

People ask, what am I supposed to wear to this church. We are fairly casual and you will find people in business casual to more relaxed attire.

How you dress is not a criteria here. We welcome all people regardless of how you are dressed or who you are. Yes, the men do wear shorts in the summer. We are not air conditioned, so dress appropriately in summer months.

If you are not familiar with the Prayer Book and what we do at the service, ask an usher or Mother Kathlyn, we are happy to help.

Wednesday Noon Worship

Each week we gather in the back of the church (narthex) for a less formal worship. We have Holy Communion most Wednesdays. Other days we have Noon Day Prayer.

Healing Services

Periodically we offer a healing service in the church in the evening. We offer special prayers of healing in various formats, the laying on of hands and anointing with holy oil for those who wish to participate in these ancient and traditional prayer forms.